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NEU² – MR imaging platform (inims)

MR imaging has become the foremost diagnostic method in MS management, and this technique is also expected to be the most versatile tool for in-vivo phenotyping of MS subjects in Phase II clinical testing. The MR imaging platform builds on close interactions with the Department of Neuroradiology, which is responsible for all aspects of clinical reading of images, but equally with the clinical and basic science groups at inims, and the MS Platform Labs.

The following tasks are pursued by the MR imaging platform:

  • Generation of normative data on brain atrophy, black hole fraction, inflammatory activity and other imaging measures
  • MRI phenotyping MS patients regarding the relative contribution to CNS disease load by inflammation, degenerative changes or both
  • Selection of patient groups that are ideally suited for specific trials to test a new anti-inflammatory-, immunomodulatory-, neuroprotective- or regenera-tive treatment approach
  • Development, use and validation of novel MRI outcomes for different therapeutic approaches
  • Establishing standardized reading and image processing routines
  • Development of trial designs that employ single or combined imaging measures to establish efficacy with respect to inhibiting CNS inflammation, brain atrophy accrual or showing attenuation with respect to inflammatory lesion evolution into lesions with signs of permanent tissue damage, or showing an influence on demyelination or axonal damage.

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