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NEU² – Discovery biology platform (Fraunhofer IME Screening Port)

The Discovery biology platform pursues the following tasks:

  • Coaching academic project scientists in techniques and technologies associated with high throughput drug discovery
  • Development of a new primary efficacy assay, (cell or biochemical format) and optimisation of an existing benchtop primary assays to create automation compatible methods
  • Implementation of a robust biomarker profiling panel, with members identified by the biomarker platform,
  • Development of a medium throughput confirmation/selectivity assay formats
  • Routine in-house in-vitro toxicology profiling (eg Cell Titre Glo, high content screening using the Opera, apoptosis measurements etc)
  • Routine efficacy and selectivity profiling (in vitro assays or biomarker based)
  • Outsourcing interface for external liability panels (Herg, Ames, Cyp etc)
  • Outsourcing interface for external biophysical and physico-chemical profiling

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