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NEU² – Clinical trial platform (inims)

The clinical trial platform interfaces closely with the imaging platform, with the MediGate/UKE, with the MS Platform Labs and with select centers outside of Hamburg in order to conduct trials, which require larger patient numbers than those available at UKE.

The following tasks are pursued by the clinical platform:

  • Generation of normative clinical data in the Hamburg MS cohort
  • Selection of patient groups that are ideally suited for a specific trial
  • Development, use and validation of novel clinical outcomes, e.g. compound measures, quantitative measures of ambulation, self-rating instruments and others
  • Setting up an efficient trial platform with eCRF (electronic case report forms), monitoring tools, data quality control instruments
  • Development of novel trial designs for anti-inflammatory-, immunomodulatory-, neuroprotective drugs, but also for new symptomatic treatments.

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