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NEU² Platforms/Technology

Brief background

Conventional paths to develop new medicines involve a well defined trajectory comprised of individual stages that have been firmly established over many years by the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Whilst the goal of developing a new drug is often reached, the “classical” strategy is beset by a number of challenges resulting in increased attrition rates particularly at the transition from preclinical to clinical testing, but also at the later clinical stages. The unwanted consequences for industry are higher development costs, but the patient also suffers because the understanding of any benefits a given therapy may have remains at a rudimentary level.

From the perspective of the physician and scientist, who has an interest in understanding the pathogenesis of MS and other autoimmune diseases better, every drug that moves forward without a strong mechanistic/biomarker component is a lost opportunity to learn. From the perspective of NEU² there is a lot of room for improvement, and the platforms of NEU² are critical for setting the medicine development process under NEU² apart from the „classical“ path. We are firmly convinced that full integration of the NEU² platforms into the medicines development work-flow will not only improve many aspects of the process and generate more knowledge, but also save substantial costs.