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The NEU² portfolio encompasses early stage hit discovery through to mature Phase II clinical programs. In each case, projects are invited to make use of the many existing NEU² competencies, from biomarker discovery and implementation to clinical trial design based on innovative imaging endpoints. Hands-on access to the comprehensive know-how and technologies necessary to deliver individual project content is available through the NEU² platforms and consortium members are intimately involved in platform operation and defining their future development as scientific techniques in drug discovery evolve.

NEU²´s core focus is to:

  1. Connect academic, biotech based and pharmaceutical expertise in the drug development process with the goal to efficiently generate new therapies to tackle multiple sclerosis (MS),
  2. Identify and test new paradigms underlying neurological diseases using novel molecular entities that have the potential to become superior drugs,
  3. Make funds available for pre-clinical research and clinical trials of potential MS drugs,
  4. Expedite the repurposing of existing drugs to treat MS


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