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NEU²: Management

The decision-making body of NEU² is the NEU² steering committee which comprises each of the NEU² consortium members and which is chaired by Evotec International as its coordinator. The coordinator is acting as the intermediary between the NEU² members and the BMBF.

The original founder of the NEU² consortium was Bionamics GmbH with Dr. Timm-H. Jessen acting as CEO. Before starting Bionamics and developing the NEU² concept, Dr. Jessen led Evotec AG as CSO and Member of the Executive Management Team through its IPO in 1999, its acquisition of OAI Ltd., Oxford, and its growth into a mid-size international service and discovery company. Dr. Jessen has substantial drug discovery as well as business development expertise and during his years at Hoechst AG and Evotec accrued a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of today’s Pharma and Biotech industries.

In spring 2014 Bionamics GmbH was acquired by Evotec. Dr. Timm-H Jessen became Executive Vice President responsible for the Business Development of Evotec‘s Innovate business. As part of his responsibilities, Dr. Jessen continues as coordinator of the NEU² consortium. Within Evotec, Dr. Jessen is supported by a team of experts with substantial experience at the interfaces between academic research, biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

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